Projects Renewable energy is not just for wealthy or environmentally passionate people anymore. As solar panels las cruces systems have become more affordable and electric bills have gone up there are many reasons for people to make the change to solar panels las cruces living. These are a few of the jobs that we have worked on and how they have helped renew the lives of the people who have upgraded to solar.

Renew your budget

naltrexone implant cost formulate Steve and Bonnie contacted us because they needed relief from their constantly high electrical bills. They had already tried using the flat rate payment method offered by El Paso electric but at $300 a month it was still far too much. During our initial meeting we did an energy audit to see if they could save money by making some changes throughout their house. We found some major issues that through some simple energy efficiency upgrades would reduce their energy consumption. After making the needed changes their electric bill was quickly reduced to $100 the next month. The family was very relieved to have the burden of high payments lifted. We were then able to offer them a 9KW 36 solar panels that covered their actual needs instead of the larger more expensive 15KW 60 solar panels las cruces that they thought they would need. They were also able to enjoy 30% federal tax credit (ending 2020) By doing the simple things first we saved the family money and they are able to enjoy their home stress free.

Renew your business Martin has a large ranch in Jal NM. Between his home electrical needs and needs of a working ranch he was paying $400 to $500 a month for his electric bills. During the energy audit we found that the main costs came from his electric water wells for his livestock and the fact that the property used several meters that were all being charged $20 a month service fee. By installing one large main service we were able to eliminate these extra fees. Then by installing the 13KW ground mount system we eliminated the rest of his monthly bills so he could focus on the more important things.

Renew your environment

grant zoloft uk Eugenio’s family owns a large ranch in Hobbs NM providing organic eggs and goat cheese to the local community. They also had several hydroponic green houses that provide organic vegetables for the local farmers market as well as large family spread out through three main houses. Between the cost of running the ranch, green houses and running three households he was paying up to $800 a month for electricity. We first helped out by simplifying things through installing one 400-amp main panel combining the 3 homes into one service. We were then able to install a large 109 panel ground mount system.

Renew your comfort head Lance bought a home in Angel Fire NM. Although it is a great place to ski the winters up there are long and cold and he was heating the home with all electric heaters in addition to electric appliances. In order to stay warm all winter without changing appliances he needed a good-sized system. First, we had to get the outdated and too small electrical service taken care of so we installed a larger 200 amps service that will cover all of his needs. Then we installed a 12KW roof mounted system on his home. We made sure to consider all of the snow that they get up there and installed the system on an A frame to keep them snow free and generating energy for all year long.

Renew your home

webpage Bodie and Shelli have a large family. While most of the kids have left the house, they along with grandkids are always coming to visit. When they all come to visit the electric bills go through the roof. They also realized that they were limited in the improvements they could make to the house by the small service it was built with. We were able to help them with both. Fist we updated and increased the size of their service also running lines for a new electric fireplace and a hot tub. We then installed a nice 6KW system that is not too big when it is just them but still meets their needs when they have a full house. Now when everyone comes to visit they can enjoy the time without dreading opening the next months bill.

Renew your Passions

buy gabapentin cod John loves fixing cars, so he runs an automotive business out of his home and with large compressors and equipment. His wife has a large art studio where she loves to paint. Between the two it was making their electric bill unmanageable. They also had an outdated system that was overloaded and not meeting their needs. We fixed this problem by upgrading to a 200-amp service. We then installed 28 panels on his roof to meet the demands for his home. These days they don’t have to spend their time worrying about how they can create more money to fix their budget they can spend there doing the fixing and creating they love.

Renew your retirement

The Johnsons retired a few years ago and are now caring for aging parents. They live in an area where it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter keeping electric bills high year-round. The electric rates are already high in their area with rates increasing every four years. They decided plan ahead and take advantage of the decreasing costs of solar systems as well as the 30% tax credit (ending in 2020) to avoid the increasing cost of electric bills. Now that they have simplified one aspect of their lives, they can more fully enjoy their retirement.

Renew your peace of mind

Gary lives in the mountains where during the winter harsh weather conditions knock out the power regularly. In the past he has had to go up to 3 weeks with out power. When we started working with Gary providing his family with a reliable source of power was essential to him however, he also wanted to decrease his electric bill. To meet both of these needs we installed a 9KW Generac Guardian series home generator with an automatic transfer switch. Unlike many generators when the power goes off he doesn’t have to worry about going out and trying to start the generator. All you have to do is flip a switch and it does everything for you. We also installed a small 12 panel 3.5KW roof mount system to meet Gary’s power needs. He now enjoys having a zero electric bill. Now not needing to worry about his monthly electric bill or seasonal outages Gary can get back to enjoying life’s better moments.

Renew your community

When the Dona Ana county was looking to build their new flood commission building, they wanted to make sure they were going to build the most energy efficient they could. Their projected electricity costs required that they install a large 20KW system or (80 solar panels las cruces) this covered most of the southern facing roof. After winning the bid we worked closely with county officials to make sure we used public funds wisely and they got just what they needed. Since the building was installed in the summer of 2015, we have produced around 150MegaWatts (that’s 150,000,000 Watts) one Megawatt can power 164 homes according to Solar Energy Industries Association. That’s enough power to have powered 24,600 homes since its installation. This is one way to use public funds wisely.

Renew your retirement plans

Mary and Earl were making plans for retirement. They wanted to do what they could now to make this financially easier in the future. The decided that one of the best ways to plan for future retirement was to eliminate the worry of future electric bills unfortunately their roof did not have optimal angles to make full use of solar panels las cruces. After discussing their needs and finding they also wanted to create an outdoor living space we helped them combine the two. We were able to work with a local contractor to build a 20 x 40 outdoor gazebo with an adobe fireplace, outdoor fans, T.V. and hot tub. We then install a 6KW system on the top. Now when they discuss retirement in their new gazebo, they can spend less time talking about bills and more time talking about life with solar panels las cruces.